I rarely bring legislative information to the parish family. The current political culture is so divisive and I seek to draw parishioners more deeply into how our Faith unites our community. That being said, I was made aware of this pending legislation this week and it directly impacts a parishioner and current parent in the school. Below is a description of the legislation and will allow patients (who have no other treatment options) to receive experimental medications that have yet to receive FDA approval. For a member of our parish family, this legislation may be his only opportunity to receive a treatment that already has evidence of efficacy. If you would be so kind to reach out to our federal senators and representatives, I hope our advocacy will place this important bill on their radar for this coming week.

God bless,

Father Stowe

Important Action Needed- to pass the Promising Pathways Act S.1644/HR3761

This act will directly affect a parishioner who is battling a rare malignant brain tumor for which there is no cure nor effective treatment that is FDA approved.  Next week The Promising Pathways Act S.1644/HR3761 is scheduled to go to the floor of Congress. It provides an FDA provisional approval pathway for medications that treat diseases that progress rapidly and have few to no treatment options. This pathway will deliver medication into the hands of patients who desperately need them.

We are hoping that parishioners and friends will take a few moments to either email their representatives THIS WEEKEND or call on MONDAY using the talking points above.

Email: https://virtualtrials.org/activism.cfm#/1/  Scroll down and enter your address and click on Group (Other). The form support letter populates with your Representatives’ names and their emails. 

  • At the end of the email where it states “As a constituent,   I ask that you sign on in support of this legislation” and add, “IN SUPPORT OF A FRIEND AND PARISHIONER WHO HAS NO VIABLE ACCESS TO TREATMENT WITHOUT THIS LEGISLATION.”

THIS TAKES UNDER A MINUTE TO DO. If you prefer to call, phone numbers are listed below.


Congressman Magaziner  (202) 225-2735

Senator Reed  (202) 224-4642

Senator Whitehouse (202) 224-2921

Lastly, If you could please share with friends and family. If out of state, here are the links to the phone numbers for all Congressional Representatives.