Easter Sunday

One of my nephews gave up treats for Lent.  He stuck to it, even as his brothers enjoyed sweets.  A couple of weeks ago, as churches were closing and Easter Masses were cancelled, he turned to his mother with a distraught look on his face.  “Mom, if there’s no Easter, does Lent never end?”  You can imagine his relief when my sister told him that even if they can’t go to church, Easter still takes place.

Today, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His Passion and Death on Good Friday were not the last word in the story of Christ’s life.  Through His suffering on the Cross, Jesus Christ conquered death forever.  The weight of Original Sin no longer has the final word over creation.  While we still experience suffering, sickness, and sadness, today’s feast reminds us that the brokenness of this world is not the end.  By the blood of Christ on the Cross, grace and mercy have the power to transform our hearts and our lives.  Through the power of the Resurrection, the Gates of Heaven have been opened.  God always has the final word.  And it is message of hope.  That’s the power of Easter. 

Our entire world is enduring terrible suffering.  Added to those who are ill, so many are burdened with anxiety and fear.  On this Easter Sunday, may we look upon the Cross with faith.  For today’s Feast is more important than ever.  God is always with us, even in these uneasy and difficult times.  Never forget, every Good Friday is followed by Easter Sunday.  Lent always has an end.  Our Lord and our Lady walk each step of this path with us.  As isolated as we may be, we are never alone. 

I wish you and your families a blessed, graceful, and peaceful Easter Sunday.  Please know of my prayers for you, especially this day at the holy altar in Saint Joe’s. 

I don’t know if I’d ever tell her, but my little sister is right.  Even if we can’t go to church,    Easter still takes place.  Happy Easter.  Jesus Christ is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!!

SJS School

St. Joseph School promotes a positive, structured, safe and nurturing environment in which the whole child may develop.  We provide a quality education program with emphasis on the cultivation of Catholic Christian values and virtues helping our students to become the person God intends.

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St. Joseph Church has many wonderful opportunities for it’s parishioners to get involved.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry includes an Adult Choir and a Childrern’s Choir. The Director is Amanda Santo and the Organist is Claudette Archambault.

Money Collectors

Money Collectors are needed at all Masses. A couple of members of the community are needed at each weekend Mass to take charge of making sure there are enough people to collect, especially when there are two collections, and to make sure the bags are sealed. Please see Father Stowe on the weekend.

Religious Education Teachers

Religious Education Teachers are needed. Parents of children in the program are encouraged to participate as teachers and helpers, but all are welcome!

St. Joseph the Carpenter

St. Joseph the Carpenter is an informal group of parents and parishioners who volunteer to help with odd jobs around the school. The last odd job completed was the painting of curbs with yellow paint.

There is no formal sign-up for volunteers; just an open invitation to anyone willing to share their time and talent..

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Interested volunteers can browse the list of available odd jobs and  and contact Nancy Breault at nbreault@sjsww.org to arrange the time or other particulars.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – St. Joseph Conference

“A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.”

Eucharistic Ministers


Altar Servers